London Fogger 18 20 Low Volume Sprayer

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The model 18-20 London Fogger gets it's name from the inclusion of an 18 HP engine, which gives it the ability to apply insecticides at vehicle speeds up to 20 miles per hour. This chemical fogger creates the right particle size needed for all insecticide label requirements, up to 20 miles per hour as well.

Please note, this fogger can be customized with optional features, listed below. If you need any alterations made to it, please let us know during your consultation while getting a quote.

What Makes This Fogger Stand Out:

  • Overhead, V-twin cylinder engine, which a throttle-down feature, that creates fewer emissions, uses less fuel, and has more time between service periods compared to conventional "L" head engines.
  • Triple-V Belt Drive, included as a standard feature, minimizes blower RPM by greater than 25%, which helps extend blower life along with providing a quieter fogging machine when in use.
  • Available with GPS for speed compensation flow control during insecticide output, in addition to monitoring and recording applications and vehicle tracking.

Standard Features Include:

  • Teflon coated aluminum HOOT nozzle
  • Pistol grip cab control with throttle down electric choke and start functions
  • FMI formulation pump, 3/8” ceramic piston
  • Kohler 18 HP OHV Command engine
  • Fuel tank with gauge
  • Silencer tube

Optional Features Include:

  • 1 or 2 years spares kits
  • Tachometers / Hour meter
  • GPS, tracking & recording features