GPI Aluminum Industrial Flow Meter 2"

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G2 Industrial Aluminum Flow Meter

2 Totals (1 resettable/1 cumulative), Factory calibration in gallons and liters, 2 user calibrations and flow rate.

Features and Benefits
  • High precision, durable and compact turbine flowmeters.
  • Modular design allows for use with Output Modules, Sensors and Remote Transmitters.
  • Local Display Computer features: 2 Totals (1 Resettable, 1 Cumulative); Factory Calibration in gallons and liters; 2 User Calibrations and Flowrate.
  • Internal parts are simple to replace for easy maintenance.
  • Lightweight, compact design allows for easy installation.
  • Powered by Lithium batteries for approximately 9,000 hours.
Wetted Materials
    Housing: Aluminum
    Bearings: Ceramic
    Shaft: Tungsten Carbide
    Rotor: PVDF
    Rings: 316 Stainless Steel