Hypro 9910-DBS110 3-Diaphragm Pump

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These 3 diaphragm, brass pumps achieve up to 28.5 gpm (108.0 lpm) and 725 psi (50 bar).

Heavy-duty, high pressure diaphragm pumps. These industrial-built pumps are designed to handle all of your high pressure and volume diaphragm pump needs with minimal maintenance required. Their innovative, external manifold design allows for normal servicing to be done from one side of the pump, thereby eliminating the need for dismounting.

These pumps are excellent for chemical spraying where higher pressures are desired, such as insecticide spraying, air blast and tall tree sprayers. They also work great for high pressure cleaning and disinfecting applications, such as poultry house cleaners.

Performance Information

  • Max flow: 28.5 gpm/108.0 lpm
  • Max pressure: 725 psi/50 bar
  • Max rated speed: 550 rpm
  • Max fluid temp: 140F/60C

Other Attributes

  • Port sizes: 1-1⁄2" HB inlet; 3⁄4" NPT outlet
  • Shaft: 1-3⁄8"- 6 splined male double-ended shaft
  • Pump shaft rotation: CW and CCW
  • Housing components for liquid handling: external bronze manifolds and brass heads
  • Diaphragms: 3, semi-hydraulic
  • Weight: 114 lbs./51.7 kg

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