Micro-Trak Systems C-97-LR Calc an Acre

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  • Wide Range of uses:
    • Sprayers
    • Tractors
    • ATV's
    • Trucks
    • Floaters
  • Provides improved chemical efficiency and accuracy
  • Front panel is lighted and display is backlit for easy viewing at night
  • Records area on three independent counters so individual jobs may be tracked
  • Displays ground speeds in tenths of mph
  • Area per hour and accumulated hours feature to track productivity and schedule maintenance
  • Width reduction feature maintains accuracy with active boom sections
  • Push-button run/hold feature to stop area count when turning on ends and moving between fields
  • Optional remote run/hold kit available for hands-free operation
  • Standard with Hall-effect (non-mechanical) magnetic speed sensor
  • Compatible with the ASTRO series of GPS-based speed sensors and RADAR ground speed sensors
  • Weather resistant console and weatherproof connectors
  • Non-volatile memory so settings and totals are retained with power off
  • User selectable English and Metric measurement units