TeeJet XR11003-VP - Extended Range 110° Flat Spray Nozzle

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Nozzle Specs:

  • Manufacturer: TeeJet
  • Nozzle Type: Extended range broadcast flat spray tip
  • Capacity Range of 1 Nozzle in GPM: 0.18-0.37
  • Capacity Range of 1 Nozzle in OZ./MIN.: 23-47
  • GPA Range Mounted 20” Apart at 4-20 MPH: 2.7-47
  • Range of Gallons per 1000 SQ. FT. When Mounted 20” Apart at 2-5 MPH: 0.24-1.3
  • Spray Angle: 110°
  • Optimum Spray Height: 20"
  • Operating Pressure Range: 15-60 PSI
  • Droplet Size: Medium to fine
    • Medium size droplets from 15-20 PSI
    • Fine size droplets from 30-60 PSI
  • Material: Polypropylene tip holder with polymer tip

Product Features:

  • This spray tip has a great spray distribution over an wide range of pressures, with reduced drift at lower pressures and greater coverage at higher pressures.
  • It's an excellent fit for rigs equipped with sprayer controllers.
  • It has automatic spray alignment with 25612-*-NYR Quick TeeJet cap and gasket.