Price Pump Bronze Centrifugal Pump RC300 With Trimmed Impeller

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Materials of Construction

  • Volute: Cast Iron
  • Column: Cast Iron
  • Impeller: Bronze (4.50 Trimmed)
  • Fasteners: Plated Steel
  • Gasket: Synthetic Fiber
  • Bushing: Carbon Graphite
  • Fume Barriers: Viton
  • Shaft: 316SS

Technical Information

  • Minimum Recommended Flow: 50GPM
  • Minimum Immersion: 8-3/4"
  • Maximum Immersion: 5-1/8"
  • Maximum Solid Size: 0.38"
  • Maximum Temperature: 300F
  • Maximum Suction Pipe Extension: 3 ft


  • Compact close-coupled design
  • Standard NEMA 56C motors
  • Semi-open high effenciency impeller design on all models
  • Mechanical Seal: 5/8" Type 6A Buna, Carbon vs. Ceramic
    • Flourocarbon Type 21 and PTFE Type 9 Single Seal Optional
    • Other Seal Faces and Elastomers Available
    • Double Type 21 Flourocarbon, Neoprene, or EPR Seals Optional
  • Seal flush and sela quench optional
  • Optional Power Frame Available

Vertical Features:

  • Carbon Bushing standard, glass filled PTFE Optional
  • Standard Column length is 13" in cast iron construction