120-3 Boom Buster Boomless Nozzle - 1/4" Fitting Size

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Out Of Stock (Please Note, Prices May Vary if Purchased in Store) Out Of Stock (Please Note, Prices May Vary if Purchased in Store)

Nozzle Specs:

  • Nozzle Type: Boom Buster boomless spray nozzle
  • Capacity Range of 1 Nozzle in GPM: 1.7-2.2
  • Fitting Size: 1/4” male Standard Pipe Thread
  • Supply Line Size for 1 Nozzle: 3/8”
  • Effective Distance: 3 ft.
  • Speed Range: 2-15 mph
  • PSI Range: 30-50
  • Gallons per Acre Range: 19-181
  • Droplet Size: Large
  • Material: Stainless steel with industrial-grade nylon diffuser

Product Features:

  • With an extra wide spray pattern, this nozzle doesn’t require a boom to perform a large variety of applications with spraying liquid chemicals over a large area.
  • Provides great dust suppression while limiting spray drift for first-rate pattern uniformity and delivery.
  • Uses include orchards, vineyards, turf, golf courses, roadside, right-of-way maintenance, railroad, fire suppression, & aquatic weed control.
  • Please note that if you use two of these nozzles on the same supply line, you’ll need to use a supply line two sizes larger than the nozzle size. (Two 1/4” nozzles should have a 1/2” supply line.)