Mix and Fill Tank Systems

These custom made tank mixing systems are created to efficiently blend chemicals, including fertilizers, and water before filling backpack sprayers, containers, jugs or injection tanks.

Whether you need a diluted or concentrated mixture, these systems allow for accurate control of the chemical solution, saving you time, labor, and product usage.

Popular tank size options include 110, 220, and 300 gallons, however since this is custom-made to your needs, we can use larger tanks as well. Just make sure to let us know your tank size requirements and any modifications you my need when you request a quote.

Mix-N-Fill System Features Include:

  • 400 Series 110V Sotera Diaphragm Pump
  • Durable Cone Bottom Mini-Bulk Style Tank with Fork Pockets and an 8" access lid
  • 12' Chemical Transfer Discharge Hose with Nozzle Valve & Holder
  • Simple Selector Valve to Switch Between the Mix or Dispense Function
  • Vortex Jet Agitation System for Complete Mixing Action
  • 10-15 GPM Electric Flow Rate Meter
  • On/Off Switch with Overload Protection
  • 6' 3-Wire 110 Volt Cord with Plug
  • 2" Access Fitting for Water Fill with Optional Water Meter Kit Adders and 1-2" Drain Fitting for Clean Out
  • The Pump is Made so Even if it Runs Dry, There is No Damage to the System
Option Unit Purchase
110 Gallon - 40" X 50"
220 Gallon Tank - 44" X 67"
300 Gallon Tank - 49" X 73"