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Chemical Containers, Inc. is the only manufacturer of all welded aircraft grade aluminum bodies in the United States. CCI incorporates structural extruded decking for maximum load capacities. We have a variety of Lawn and Tree Care standard units in addition to the ability to interact with the customer to create custom units that are tailored to their needs. Features include: Smooth finish corners, high mounted safety strobes, interior custom shelving and storage areas, curbside operator controls, and commercial grade locking aluminum roll up doors. We have literally hundreds of these units spread across the country that service communities for lawns, shrub and hedge, tall trees, root feeding, herbicide, and compost tea applications. Give us a call and we can provide you with a CAD drawing of your truck layout in 3D.

To provide our customers with industry leading service and products, Chemical Containers, Inc. draws on 30 years experience operating in the agricultural industry. We offer a complete line of agricultural liquid handling products and equipment including sprayers for the citrus, row crop, sod, aquatic, and nursery industries. We do not stop with just sprayers! We manufacture and provide herbicide booms, injection systems, and complete bulk fertilizer tank farms, fertilizer spreaders with and without variable rate technology, and polyethylene tanks. Along with a product line to serve the complete agricultural industry, we have the capability to design and custom build liquid handling products and equipment. This allows Chemical Containers, Inc. to continue to meet the emerging needs of the customer. If you have a need to contain, spray, pump or store liquid, allow our professional sales staff an opportunity to serve you!

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