Custom Spray Trucks for Sale

These customized truck designs are a sample of our capabilities when it comes to creating and building sprayer vehicles for our customers, especially in the roadside, landscape, lawn and tree care industries. Please contact us for a quote and to discuss with one of our industry experts how we can create exactly what you need to transport liquid fertilizers, herbicides, and other chemicals to best serve your customers.

Please click on any of the truck designs below to find more information and request a quote to have us create a similar one for you.

Custom Roadside Spray Trucks With Long Reach Boom

Florida-Style Spray Trucks for Lawn Care & Pest Control

Custom Roadside Spray Trucks With GPS Injection

Tank Mix Sprayer Trucks with Automatic Rate Controller

Z-Spray Lawn & Tree Care Spray Trucks

Custom Lawn & Shrub Spray Truck - 1200 Series

Custom Lawn Sprayer Truck - 1250 Series Compact Design

Lawn & Plant Health Care Custom Spray Truck - 1400 Series

Lawn Spray Truck With Pallet Storage - 1450 Series

Total Tree Care Custom Spray Truck - 1500 Series

Plant Health Care & Compost Tea Truck - 1550 Series

PermaGreen Lawn Care Custom Spray Truck - 1600 Series