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We offer Farm Credit Express as a way to help you finance your custom build project with us if needed. You can download an application by clicking on the image below and send via email to our sales manager to see if you qualify.

More than just parts for sale, if you can dream it, we can build it. Here’s how Chemical Containers partners with you to create the custom equipment you need:

  • In-Depth Guidance on the Right Parts and Equipment

You’ll collaborate with an expert in the equipment needs of your specific industry.

We’re committed to listening intently to your vision of what you need created and more importantly, how the equipment will be used.

This goes beyond just recommending including basic parts in building or customizing your equipment.

For example, if you need a customized pump for fertilizer application, we’ll ask specific questions like what chemicals will be used with it, how far you need the liquid chemical to shoot out onto the plants, etc.

From there we’ll advise you on why specific parts will work best to best handle the liquid that will come in contact with them, fit smoothly with the operation of the overall equipment and most importantly, aim to be the most economical choice including maintenance costs.

  • Dedication to Above and Beyond Design and Communication

Once we understand the precise needs of your equipment, a CAD engineering design will be created based on the specifications worked out during your initial consultation.

This gives you a clear idea of what we’ll be building for you with trained and experienced technicians and craftsman on-site at our company headquarters.

We’ll make sure you understand how we’ll approach building your new equipment or customizing what you need modified and answer any questions or concerns so we’re on the same page each step of the way.

  • State-of-the-Art Machine Shop for Custom Equipment Building

You benefit from having your equipment built and customized at our facility with more than 64,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space with all the tools and professionals on hand needed to create what you developed with your consultant.

With 16 acres of facilities and bulk tank inventory on-site, there’s no project too big for our team to handle, including fully customized ATVs, trucks and even boats.

From specialty welding of a variety of high-quality, cost-effective metals like aluminum to an electronics department equipped to create innovative and easy to use control panels, we’re capable of fully meeting the needs you expressed during your consultation to deliver truly tailored equipment that’s aimed to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

  • Respecting and Supporting Your Bottom Line

We understand you have to fit your budget needs when it comes to acquiring the equipment you need to serve your customers.

When advising on the best parts to include with creating your custom equipment, we always look for what will help you meet your budget and improve savings over time through minimizing maintenance and replacement cost.

In addition, we’ll also keep in mind other ways your new equipment can save you money over the long term that’s specific to your industry, such as using metal like aluminum when possible that’s lighter weight, allowing you to carry more liquid to apply and save on fuel over time.

  • Full, Free Support to Help You Get the Most from Your Equipment

From the first time you contact us to discuss building equipment tailored specific to your needs to after you start using it in your business, we offer complimentary support to ensure you get the attention and professional input you need to succeed with what we’ve created for you.

We know you depend on honest, reliable and helpful communication and look forward to impressing you with our attention to detail, knowledge of your industry standards and needs, and commitment to finding the best solution to any problems that come up.

All free, to you, as part of your experience trusting us with your project.

Whether you’re looking for the right part to repair or replace critical equipment you depend on to do your job right or need equipment built to suit your needs while boosting your bottom line, we’re here to help.

Here’s an Example of How We Helped a Customer Succeed with a Custom-Built Sprayer

Jay Sykes, the manager at Sunshine Spray Service contacted us recently, needing a specific type of sprayer made to support his lawn, tree and shrub spraying company. After going over his needs in detail and how he would use the sprayer, we created a 3-D CAD design and ensured Mr. Sykes was satisfied with it before we began building it.

Some of the special features included in Sunshine’s new sprayer trailer were all-aluminum construction to keep it light weight and cost effective, two Udor diaphragm pumps, a high-pressure spray hose, Titan electric aluminum hose reels, a 500 gallon elliptical poly tank for fertilizing lawns and 100 gallon pesticide spray tank for trees and shrubs.

The result met all of Mr. Sykes’ specifications when we built him an eye-catching sprayer that looks impressive to customers, can carry all the materials they need and spray high volumes of fertilizer and weed control chemicals to complete the jobs in a quick and efficient manner.

Since 1983 our family owned and operated company has focused on providing professionals like you with in-depth guidance on the right parts & equipment you can rely on to get your job done that’s the right fit for your usage and bottom line. We look forward to working with you to support the success of your business.