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Professional lawn care, landscape and arborist efforts all come with unique challenges that depend on using the right products tailored to the needs of the plants being cared for. To do your job right, you need the ability to be flexible in your approach to properly care for and protect large lawns that often also include ornamental flower beds, shrubs and mature trees. Whether you require the correct fittings for the hoses on your lawn care truck that can best handle high spray volume and fertilizer chemicals or a convenient Mix-N-Fill system to have on site as part of a Plant Health Care (PHC) program, you’ll appreciate the tools and equipment featured for sale here.

Chemical Containers specializes in collaborating with lawn and tree care companies to create custom-designed spray trucks. To learn more about these custom trucks, please take a moment to fill out a custom project quote form here and let us know what you'd love for us to build for you.

Spray Trucks

CCI custom builds every spray truck and skid to your exact needs. We offer many different tank, hose/reel options.

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• Open or all enclosed body styles
• All welded unitized aluminum structure with aircraft-grade aluminum bodies
• PTO or Honda-driven pumps for tree and or lawn spraying applications
• Structural decking for maximum load capacity
• Curbside operator controls
• DOT - LED lighting and safety strobe lights
• Dover aluminum locking roll-up doors
• Custom interior shelving and dividers
• High-pressure jet agitation available
• Stainless steel control manifolds
• Complete user’s manual and full 1-year warranty


Chemical Containers Inc. uses high quality polyethylene tanks for commercial spray rig applications. The tanks can hold a variety of chemicals and are very resistant to the rigors of commercial work environments. Chemical Containers spray rigs use vertical tanks, horizontal applicator tanks, PCO tanks, cone bottom tanks, total drain tanks, and a stainless steel mix hopper.

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Easy To Use Electric Hose Reels

Chemical Mixing Eductor

Roll Up Locking Doors

Easy To Operate Controls

Our skid-mounted sprayers offer exceptional versatility and durability. This specialized series serves as the perfect companion for your plant health care program, especially if you require a solution that can be mounted on an existing trailer or truck bed. All the tanks are constructed from heavy-duty polyethylene and feature spacious fill-well openings equipped with air gap filters. The adjustable high-pressure jet agitation system effectively suspends your slurry, while the plumbing is made of corrosion-proof poly or stainless steel, avoiding the use of galvanized pipes.
To enhance stability and rigidity during operation or transportation, the tanks, engines, hose reels, and plumbing are securely mounted on a robust T6061 aluminum skid frame. Our user-friendly flow valves allow you to easily adjust the stream of flow, while shock-resistant and liquid-filled gauges enable accurate monitoring of the sprayer's performance. And to top it all off, every unit is powered by reliable and smooth-running Honda engines, ensuring effortless starting and operation.

· Economical & multi-purpose
· Several pump options
· 50 gal to 1,200 gal high capacity
· Single, dual or multi-tank
· Single or dual hose/reel
· Many custom options
· Easily slide into pickup truck or onto flatbed truck