Fire Equipment for Sale | Fire Skid Units, Trucks, & Tools

Warrior Brush Trucks is the new Fire Apparatus Division at CCI. We offer a variety of custom-designed and built firefighting equipment. Some of these offerings are custom-built skid units for ATVs and UTVs as well as slide-in skid units for pickup trucks. We also offer custom-built brush trucks with numerous options including but not limited to, in-cab operation, custom compartments, LED lighting, front ground sweeps, and front-mounted water turret with in-cab controls. These custom brush truck bodies are built out of all-welded aircraft -grade aluminum and can be built to your specifications. Poly tank options are up to 500 gallons and carry a limited lifetime warranty. CCI also offers a variety of pump options along with all stainless-steel plumbing for these units.

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Wildland Engines & Brush Trucks

Choose from a large variety of customizable options for trucks including tanks, pumps, hoses, and body styles.

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Slide-In Skid Units for Pickup Trucks

CCI offers a variety of slide-in skid unit options. We can custom build a unit in-house or order a pre-built unit with a tank, hose reel, and/or cross-lay and portable fire pump with an engine. These can be combined into a single one-piece assembly that can be slipped onto a truck bed, trailer, or into a body and used for flowing water on a structural fire, car fire, or wildfire. The most common wildland and urban interface fire engines in North America combine a small truck with a water tank and a high-performance portable pump. Municipal/industrial fire departments and all forestry fire authorities use drop-in units. The sizes vary from 50 gallons, for an ATV, up to 500 gallons for full-size trucks.

ATV & UTV Fire Units

CCI can customize a standard ATV or UTV into a complete fire fighting rig unit, with the flexibility of removing the skid anytime you need to restore the vehicle's original functionality.

Custom Design Options

Fully customizable pre-built designs with CAD drawings available for skids and trucks.

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