Fire Equipment for Sale | Fire Skid Units, Trucks, & Tools

Chemical Containers is now offering custom designed and built firefighting equipment for sale including fire skid units for UTVs and ATVs, slide in units for pickup trucks, fully and partially enclosed spray trucks, brush truck skid units, and firefighter tools.

Click here to request your free custom project design and let us know how we can help build the fire fighting equipment to best meet your project needs.

CCI custom spray equipment commonly features the following items, which can be modified to fit your project needs:

  • All welded unitized aluminum structure with aircraft grade aluminum bodies.
  • Poly nurse tanks with baffles and agitation.
  • Foam systems with foam tanks.
  • Complete in-cab operation available.
  • Custom tool boxes with interior shelving.
  • LED lighting and safety strobes.
  • Front and rear heavy duty bumpers.
  • Front mounted fire monitor with in-cab controls available.
  • Remote EPA vacuum overhead fill valve.
  • Hydraulic, diesel, or Honda gas powered centrifugal pump.
  • Electrical rewind hose reel for manual applications.
  • Complete user's manual and full 1 year warranty.

ATV & UTV Fire Units

CCI can customize a standard ATV or UTV into a complete fire fighting rig unit, with the flexibility of removing the skid anytime you need to restore the vehicle's original functionality.

Slide In Skid Units for Pickup Trucks

Each skid we design and build is unique to our customer's project needs. Whether the skid you need is for a specific function or needs to be multi-purpose, we'll ensure the design encompasses how you'll use your skid when you request a free product design.

Spray Trucks

Choose from a large variety of customizable options for trucks including tanks, pumps, hoses, and body styles from partially to fully enclosed.

Custom Design Options

Fully customizable pre-built designs with CAD drawings available for skids and trucks.

Get Started With a Free Design Consultation

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Darley Booster Hose | Various Size Options

See the full product page for a list of hose thread and length size options.

From $269.25/EA
Hale Powerflow HPX200-B18 Portable Fire Pump | Various Options

Choose From Single & Dual Control Panel Options.

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Out Of Stock Contact Us For Availability