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CCI sells the pest control tools and equipment that best support professionals focused on treating lawns and ornamental plants to keep them healthy and free of pests. Whether you need pest control tanks, a pesticide sprayer, or a termite rig, we offer a larget variety of high quality equipment you can depend on. 

As a Central Florida company, we’re familiar with the challenges our lawn care and pest control customers’ face in a hot, humid, subtropical environment, from preventing sod webworms to exterminating subterranean termites.

The products we offer work well with the low impact, environmentally responsible materials that are recommended as part of Integrated Pest Management practices.

Our custom truck mounted sprayer systems and sprayer tanks are versatile and can be used for lawn fertilization, weed control, and the targeted spraying of pesticides if needed.

pesticide sprayer pest control truck setup

Keep in mind, if you find a product you need on our website and want a modification, we’re happy to discuss with you how we can customize individual parts as well.

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You can also visit any of our stores in Georgia and Florida for easy access to parts and equipment tailored to the needs of your area. Our Florida stores are in Lake Wales, Plant City, Sebring, Arcadia, Clewiston, and Homestead, along with our Georgia store in Lyons.