Meet the CCI Sales Team

Meet the helpful, professional sales team at CCI! When you speak with one of our sales specialists, you are guaranteed in-depth consideration of your project needs along with a high level of expertise, whether it’s for custom equipment or replacement parts. You can reach any of them by calling our office at 1-800-346-7867 or emailing

Andrew Motis has been with CCI for 17 years. He has a proficiency in Government Sales, Deicing equipment, Roadside Trucks and Skids.

Sid Sutton has 19 years’ experience on CCI’s sales team and specializes in providing in-depth assistance for customers in the Golf and Turf, Agriculture, and Nursery industries.

Kieth Hollingsworth has been a sales specialist with CCI for 23 years. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the Agriculture industry along with assisting customers with custom equipment needs in Aquatics, Roadside, Right-of-Way, Forestry, and Fertilizer/Ag Chemicals.

Chris Rhoden has been with our company for 9 years with a high level of competency in customized equipment and tools that meets the needs of customers throughout the Agricultural industry.

Amber Baldi has over 20 years' experience and has been a part of our sales team for almost 4 years. She specializes in helping customers find the best fit with Tanks and Custom Trucks.

Doug Thompson has been with our company for 25 years with an expertise in Agricultural equipment and parts including highly efficient custom blueberry crop sprayers.

Jeff Fabry has 31 years’ experience with CCI, with a thorough knowledge of Lawn Care and Golf/ Turf equipment including assisting customers with full-scale tank farm design installations for various industries.

Craig Merson has been with CCI for 11 years, with a focus on helping customers find tanks and agriculture equipment that best meet their usage needs.