CCI Portapotty & Hand Wash Station Trailers

Chemical Containers offers custom Portapotty Trailers in various styles including 2 and 4 outhouse capacities with optional hand wash, shower, and eye wash stations.

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Below is a list of what a 4 portapotty with hand wash station trailer typically includes, which can be customized based on your project needs, including optional features:

  • 4-wheel farm trailer with space for 4 port-o-johns.
  • Left and right steps in center of trailer.
  • Water tank and sinks.
    • 125 gallon fresh water tank with remote bottom fill.
    • Rinse water catch tank.
    • 2 stainless steel individual sinks.
    • 2 hand soap dispensers.
    • 2 paper towel dispensers.
  • 2 trash cans.


  • Shower.
  • Eye wash.
  • Aluminum storage box.

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