Liquid Storage Tank Farms/Bulk Sites

Chemical Containers designs, builds, and installs custom Liquid Storage Tank Farms. This typically involves providing and installing the storage tanks, pumping unit, and all plumbing and wiring required for a complete tank farm mixing and storage unit.

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This system comes standard with the following components, which will be customized based on your project requirements:

  • Tank Farm/Mix Unit Includes:
    • Eight (8) Heavy duty cone bottom polyethylene tanks.
    • Centrifugal pump.
    • 3” Steel eductor with 15 gallon stainless funnel hopper.
    • 3” Poly suction manifold.
    • 2” Poly outlet manifold.
    • Plumbing.
  • Exterior Tanks Include:
    • Water storage/recharge tank.
    • Grey water tank for sump water storage.
  • Set of Two (2) Sump Screens and Pumps Includes:
    • Removable 24” X 24” stainless steel sand and particle screen.
    • Stainless steel frame for screen, ready for installation in concrete floor.
    • 110 volt self-contained stainless and poly sump pumps.

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