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ICON Corrosion-Free Equipment

CCI has expanded it's offerings with the addition of ICON Flow Meters and Level Sensors to their wide range of products. These cutting-edge devices offer precise measurement solutions for various industrial applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. From monitoring fluid flow rates to accurately assessing liquid levels, ICON's advanced technology guarantees reliable results.  Contact our sales team today for pricing and availabilty!

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Truflo® products provide an extensive selection of flow meters engineered with precision, offering unparalleled accuracy and superior corrosion resistance. Designed to surpass expectations in demanding industrial settings, our durable instruments ensure consistent and dependable measurements, regardless of the complexity of the operational environment.

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LevelPro® Level products consist of both continuous and point-level indication. All the products stand out with superior corrosion resistance and a robust design crafted to endure the harshest environments. Engineered for reliability, these solutions provide precise level measurements in challenging conditions, making them the optimal choice for industries requiring resilience and accuracy in their operations 

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