CCI Customer Testimonials

"We had chosen Chemical Containers to build a sprayer from previous equipment we have used from them in the past that has worked very well for our operation. So far i have about 4,000 acres sprayed with this machine just this year." - Wyatt Carlton, Spur Land & Cattle

Click here to watch the full testimonial video from Wyatt, talking about the 1,000 gallon, 50 foot boom pasture sprayer that CCI built and customized.

"Most of the time big trucks help us do big jobs. In this case however, "Big Red" helps us do multiple little jobs with less travel. Big Red is our newest spray truck in the Plant Health Care department and is a state of the art tool for delivering modern nutrient and pest management techniques. This is the most sophisticated Plant Health Care tool available in the entire Tri-State area." - Ed Hopkins, Urban Tree Service

Urban Tree Service's custom spray truck from CCI features multiple tanks, including a 400 gallon polypropylene applicator tank with drain, a 300 gallon polypropylene applicator tank with drain, a 200 gallon fiberglass drop tank with a 100/100 gallon dual vessel split, 10 gallon mix tank with dry eductor jet, and 5 gallon hand wash tank.

There are two pumps in the truck, an UDOR GAMMA-202 plunger pump and KAPPA-40 diagphragm pump with electric start and 5.5 HP Honda engine. Multiple spray hoses with 12v reels were also included in the design, along with a tree spray gun and trigger spray gun.

"This truck came at the right time for our PHC business, and we were blown away with its performance and the application options it provides at each job site" - Chad Beauregard, Arborway Tree Service

The spray truck CCI designed and built for Arborway Tree Service includes a 400 gallon polypropylene applicator tank with drain, a 300 gallon polypropylene applicator tank with drain, two 100 gallon polypropylene vertical tanks, a 5.5 gallon stainless steel eductor bowl mix tank, and a 4 gallon hand wash tank with rinse nozzle.

The two pumps featured in this truck are an UDOR GAMMA-242 plunger pump and a KAPPA-75 diaphragm pump with electric start and 13 HP Honda engine. Three 300' hoses were also included, with 12v reels.

"Tom, the sprayer was a winner for us this year. The multi-tank system and the 42GPM pump did everything we had hoped for in application and spray height. We love the 800 gallon capacity and two hose reels." - Paul Marsan, Carpenter & Costin Landscape Management

This 300/300 gallon aluminum sprayer skid CCI custom built for Carpenter & Costin Landscape Management includes pockets for fork access on the 82" long sides, with three full 48" high sides that allow signage. The design includes two 300 gallon tanks, a 300' dual ECO spray hose with 12v rewind reel, and roller guides.

A CCI ECO injection system was also installed on the skid. The plumbing system features a 13 HP Honda electric start engine connected to an UDOR RO-110 pump that's plumbed to the 300 gallon tanks with HP agitation. Other custom items include an overhead fill for the 300 gallon tanks, pre-wired hose reels with battery and fuses, and remote mounted strainer.

"We're very pleased with the sprayer we purchased this year. It gives us the spray height we need and with multiple tanks we have the ability to do specialty mixes on-site. It's been very cost effective, flexible and productive. With the great support and quality of workmanship we get, this is our sprayer company." - Jack Younker, Andover Arborist