Custom Mix-N-Load Poly Deck System | Chemical Mixing Station

Chemical Containers custom designs and builds highly versatile Mix-N-Load Poly Deck Systems that provide a chemical mixing station and truck loading system all in one place.

poly deck full system

Available in either standard prepackaged systems or customized designs tailored to fit your specific project needs.

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System Highlights:


  • Multiple Deck Sizes make up a Workable Fill System
  • 3 Categories of Decks Include: Equipment, Load/Filling, and IBC Chemical Storage
  • Heavy-duty All-poly Design with Collection Sumps and Containment that Meets Environmental Requirements
  • All Spills are Contained on the Decks and Captured for Recycling, Protecting Your Property from Contaminated Run-Off
  • Co-Polymer Decking is Impact Resistant, Rust Resistant, and Corrosion Resistant
  • Equipment Decks Available with Standard or Custom Mixing and Blending Equipment Designed to Satisfy Filling Needs
  • Because of how the Various Components Fit Together, it's Portable when Moving to Different Facilities or for New Set-ups
  • Perfect for Lease or Rental Properties Since no Special Construction or Permitting Needed
  • Can be Arranged in a Variety of Positions to Meet any Space Considerations

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System Components:


Below are the deck pieces and accessories that make up the poly deck system. When you contact us for a quote, just let your sales rep know which components fit your needs, and which ones you'd like customized.


Drive on Containments Decks 12’ x 24’ with Ramps Drive on Containment Decks 12’ x 24’ with Ramps
Poly Containment Pad Poly Containment Pad
Equipment Deck Equipment Deck
Load/Fill Deck Load/Fill Deck
IBC Chemical Storage Deck IBC Chemical Storage Deck
IBC Containment Basin 60”x 144” L IBC Containment Basin 60”x 144” L
15 Gallon Base Eductor 15 Gallon Base Eductor
Eductor Bowl with Meter Eductor Bowl with Meter
Complete Skid Unit: 15-gallon Eductor with Flow Meter & 2” Pump Complete Skid Unit: 15-gallon Eductor, Flow Meter, & 2” Pump
Pre-set Chemical Transfer Pumps with Meters Pre-set Chemical Transfer Pumps with Meters
Sump Recovery Pump Sump Recovery Pump
Eyewash & Shower Station Eyewash & Shower Station
4’x 8’ Chemical Storage Building 4’x 8’ Chemical Storage Building
Poly Work Table Poly Work Table
Bulk Water Storage Tanks Kits with Plumbing Bulk Water Storage Tank Kits with Plumbing

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System Accessories:


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