About CCI

Chemical Containers, Inc. (CCI) started as a small supply company for the Florida citrus industry in 1983. We quickly grew into service and manufacturing, eventually branching out into many different industries, and becoming the largest and most diverse distributor in the South Eastern United States. For all your liquid handling product needs, we stock a complete line of liquid storage tanks, parts, and equipment. However, we are not just a retail company. Customized equipment is the backbone of our business. With over 64,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space, your specialized equipment is available to ship anywhere. As the demand for our custom equipment grows in different industries, so does our manufacturing space. CCI currently has 4 buildings capable of high efficiency, high quality manufacturing. With the land and resources to expand as necessary, we are always one step ahead of the game.

Sales. Our sales staff is renowned for their innovative solutions. Whether it’s providing ideas on the best way to start a new project, resolving an existing problem, or recommending how to save money in the future, our sales staff are technical professionals in the liquid handling industry. Our custom equipment comes with lifetime customer support. Establishing and maintaining a friendly and supportive working relationship with our customers is the key to our success, and we are here for you every step of the way.

Parts Department. Come see us for over-the-counter service. You can also call in your order ahead of time or visit our website. We have a massive inventory in stock. Hard-to-find items and items not frequently requested are available by special order. If you need it, we can get it. With over 35 years of working with hundreds of distributors and manufacturers, we have access to some of the largest supply chains available. Give us the opportunity and we will deliver.

Delivery. We provide immediate delivery for most items in stock. Drop shipping is available from the manufacturer if we do not have it. Transporting larger products and custom equipment is no problem. We will deliver anything from a 50-gallon tank to a fleet of 20,000-pound service vehicles nationwide.

Custom Design. Design, fabrication, and repair are some of the additional services we offer. In order to produce the best customized equipment for you, our sales team will ask you many questions to get the best idea of what you are looking for. Then, our engineering department will create custom CAD designs for you, so you can see the beginnings of your product. Feel free to let us know if there needs to be changes, we will gladly accommodate. You are welcome to come see your product in the manufacturing stage or you can check in with your sales representative any time. We do not cut corners.

Service Department. We offer emergency help, weekend troubleshooting, service, and repair. Whether it’s in the field or in the shop, once our products are in your hands, we’ve got your back. We are with you along the way. Call us for help. We won’t just find a solution to your problem; we will be the solution to your problem.

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"Most of the time big trucks help us do big jobs. In this case however, "Big Red" helps us do multiple little jobs with less travel. Big Red is our newest spray truck in the Plant Health Care department and is a state of the art tool for delivering modern nutrient and pest management techniques. This is the most sophisticated Plant Health Care tool available in the entire Tri-State area." - Ed Hopkins, Urban Tree Service

urban tree service custom spray truck urban tree service custom spray truck urban tree service custom spray truck

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