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Shop Agriculture

Get the equipment & parts you need including customized ag sprayer equipment, replacement parts for Rears sprayers, pumps, and nurse tank trailers that help produce healthy, thriving, high-yield crops.

Shop Lawn & Tree Care

Buy the best commercial lawn, tree & landscape spray trucks,skid sprayers, & related spray accessories. Offering small or large solutions for storing, measuring, mixing, & dispensing fill systems.

Shop Sanitation

Find the equipment & supplies you need to thoroughly & efficiently disinfect shopping carts, shopping baskets, & product crates for grocery stores, pharmacies, & other essential businesses.

Shop Pest Control

From large-scale pesticide sprayer skids to backpack sprayers that are easy to carry around, the equipment and spray accessories we offer help you efficiently handle termites, ants, and other pests.

Shop Golf & Turf

Discover a variety of customizable solutions for maintaining commercial golf & turf grass including chemical handling equipment, wash systems, fertigation tools, spraying equipment, & related parts.

Shop Nursery & Garden

Whether you need to irrigate & fertilize plants in containers, a field, a greenhouse, or your home garden, these backpack sprayers, sprayer parts, poly spray tanks & other supplies support healthy plant growth.

Shop Pressure Washing

This selection of custom built trailer mounted sprayers, gasoline engines, pumps & other parts make it efficient to get professional results from power cleaning concrete, buildings, & other surfaces.

Shop Roadside

Easily manage vegetation, brush, & weeds along main roads with these herbicide sprayer vehicles, sprayer fittings, spray guns, & other maintenance equipment for dependable herbicide application.

Shop DEF

These Diesel Exhaust Fluid accessories & parts dependably handle the specific needs of DEF such as stainless steel couplers, chemical transfer pumps, & bulk storage tanks.

"Most of the time big trucks help us do big jobs. In this case however, "Big Red" helps us do multiple little jobs with less travel. Big Red is our newest spray truck in the Plant Health Care department and is a state of the art tool for delivering modern nutrient and pest management techniques. This is the most sophisticated Plant Health Care tool available in the entire Tri-State area." - Ed Hopkins, Urban Tree Service

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Mission Statement

Chemical Containers Inc., (CCI), is a specialist in liquid handling products. We are the largest and most diverse manufacturer, fabricator and distributor of poly tanks and sprayers in the United States. Our customer commitment is to deliver a finished product on time by the most qualified personnel available as promised. Since 1983 we have dedicated our business to providing the industry's highest quality containment and application equipment that’s designed to have the most favorable environmental impact, all the while preserving and protecting our natural resources, especially our animals, air, land and water.

Sales - Our sales staff is renowned for their innovative problem-solving capabilities. Whether providing start-up help for new projects, resolving existing problems, or making recommendations to help save future dollars, our staff are technical professionals in the liquid handling industry.

Parts Department - Stop by one of our stores for over-the-counter pick-up of your parts or phone in your order. We stock a tremendous inventory; however, hard-to-find items or items not frequently requested are available by special order.

Delivery - We provide immediate delivery for most items in stock, some items are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer. Our delivery fleet provides extra help with many larger products. Shipping with Federal Express, UPS, Flying Tigers and common carriers can be arranged upon request.

Custom Design - Design, fabrication and repair capabilities are one of the extra services we offer. Our sales and service personnel will work with you to produce customized products or equipment to meet your special needs.

Service Department - For weekend troubleshooting, call +1 (863) 638-2489. We also offer emergency help, polyethylene welding service, service, and repair in the field or in our shop.