Custom Sanitation Equipment | Shopping Carts, Baskets, & Product Crates

Chemical Containers designs and builds custom Sanitation Equipment to support essential businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies that need to thoroughly disinfect shopping carts, shopping baskets, and product crates.

At this time during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a critical need for reliable equipment to ensure items are sterilized that receive ongoing contact from a variety of people.

Below are examples of equipment our manufacturing facility in Lake Wales, FL can create, from Sanitation Spray Booths to Portable Container Sanitation Trailers, that are made to handle high volumes of items that require regular intense cleaning. Standard features are listed, which can be modified when you order to ensure it's tailored to best fit your needs.

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  • Full Size Sanitation Sprayer Booth:
    • Ideal for Bulk Spraying of Larger Items Including Shopping Carts
    • Aluminum Construction
    • Includes 10 Nozzles & 115v Pump That Delivers 1.8 GPM at 95 PSI
    • Environmentally Friendly Containment Tank Allows for Water Reuse if Needed
    • Customizable Options Available Including On/Off Motion Detection Sensor & Painted Booth Walls

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  • Shopping Basket & Product Crate Sanitation Trailer:
    • Ideal for Smaller Items Including Shopping Baskets & Food Transport Crates
    • Adjustable Tracks Allow Different Size Containers to Slide Through the Sanitation Booth
    • Pump Pulls Sanitizing Solution From The Catch Pan & Sprays The Container From All Sides
    • As Liquid is Lost From Rinsing Containers, More Solution Can Be Added From The Storage Tank
    • Includes Poly Tank With Gravity Drain to Catch Pan
    • Uses Centrifugal Pump With Motor
    • Aluminum Spray Cabinet Covers Two Sides & Top
    • Poly Catch Pan Covers Entire Bottom of Spray Cabinet
    • Heavy Duty Trailer With 11L x 15 Flotation Tires

  • Sanitation Sprayer:
    • Features Aluminum Bracket With Hose Rack That Hangs on Mini-Bulk or Tote Wire Frame
    • Includes 12 Volt Pump, Poly Handgun With Adjustable Poly Tip, & Clear Braided Hose
    • 12’ Fused Power Lead With Alligator Clips

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  • Economy Spot Sprayers:
    • Available in a variety of gallon sizes including 14 and 25 gallons, shown below.
    • Includes a polyethylene tank, 12v diaphragm pump, spray gun, and delivery spray hose.
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CCI Mist Blower

p/n: URX-60-R15

Available To Ship Now (Please Note, Prices May Vary if Purchased in Store)