ALBUZ ATR 80 Red - Hollow Cone Ceramic Nozzle

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Nozzle Specs:

  • Manufacturer: ALBUZ
  • Nozzle Type: Hollow cone
  • Capacity Range of 1 Nozzle in GPM: 0.36-0.70
  • Spray Angle: 80°
  • ALBUZ Color Code: Red
  • Droplet Size:Fine to very fine size droplets
    • Fine droplets from 43-72 PSI
    • Very fine droplets from 101-290 PSI

  • Material: Pink ceramic
  • Recommended Operating Pressure Range: 145 PSI

Product Features:

  • This high pressure, durable nozzle delivers a high level of precision while producing a fine mist of droplets on your crops.
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning, which helps further minimize wear and tear on the nozzle over time.
  • Designed as an agricultural spray tip particularly for orchards and vineyards to apply liquid fungicides and insecticides.