ConeJet TeeJet TXA8003VK - Blue VisiFlo Ceramic Nozzle

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Nozzle Specs:

  • Manufacturer: TeeJet
  • Nozzle Type: ConeJet VisiFlo ceramic
  • Capacity Range of 2 Nozzles in GPM: 0.60-1.06
  • Capacity Range of 2 Nozzles in OZ./MIN: 77-135
  • Capacity Range of 3 Nozzles in GPM: 0.90-1.58
  • Capacity Range of 3 Nozzles in OZ./MIN: 115-203
  • Spray Angle: 80°
  • VisiFlo Color Code: Blue
  • Droplet Size: Fine to very fine size droplets from 40-125 PSI
    • Fine droplets from 40-80 PSI
    • Very fine droplets from 100-125 PSI

  • Material: Polypropylene body and ceramic orifice insert
  • Operating Pressure Range: Up to 300 PSI

Product Features:

  • The finely atomized spray pattern produced by each nozzle provides full coverage of the target area.
  • The combination of polypropylene and ceramic materials this spray tip is made from allows for better handling of abrasive materials while resisting corrosion.
  • The common nozzle size fits most sprayers, making it easy to band two or three of these tips over a row.