Chem-Blade Knife System

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Chem-Blade is an accessory that fits into a poly-tank, making it very fast and efficient to open and drain the contents of plastic containers with liquid chemicals or bags with powder. The knife system not only offers a clean and safe way to open these containers, it also drains the contents within seconds and thoroughly rinses the inside so all chemicals are removed.

Made from 316 stainless steel, Chem-Blade includes a Teejet rotary rinse head which provides a 360 degree flush of 99.99% of the contents inside the container.

Typically, when you're trying to open a jug, you can find yourself struggling to get the cap and foil seal off which increases the chance of exposing your skin to chemicals. Using Chem-Blade is easy and safe. All you do is force the jug onto the blades which splits the bottom open and empties the contents into the tank within seconds. Using a bag with Chem-Blade works the same way, you simply push the bag down onto the blades to quickly open and empty it.

After the chemicals have drained from the jug, the inside is completely rinsed so all liquid is removed. This way, you get the maximum value for the money you spend on those chemicals and don't have to worry about storing or disposing of left over liquid that can be hard to get out otherwise.

Along with helping to save you money over time, the ability to quickly drain chemicals into tanks saves you time spent on filling up sprayers and applicators. By using Chem-Blade, 25-45 additional acres can be sprayed, daily, depending on how you use your chemical jugs.

Please note, no tank is included with this product. If you're looking for a poly-tank to include with it, please see our selection here.