Spray pattern for AITX ConeJet TeeJet hollow cone spray nozzle These air induction air blast nozzles from TeeJet produce an 80° hollow cone spray with large droplets that a great fit for air blast and directed spray uses. The droplets produced by the Venturi air aspirator give you better canopy penetration along with minimizing drift. Choose the VisiFlo color-code that fits your specific droplet capacity needs. Each nozzle in this series is made from ceramic with a removable pre-orifice. They're an excellent choice if you use a sprayer with an automatic control system. The AITXA style is made to fit with a CP25607-*-NY Quick TeeJet cap, while the AITXB style goes with Albuz caps or their equivalent.

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TeeJet AITXB80015VK - ConeJet Air Induction Hollow Cone Nozzle

p/n: SAITXB80015VK

Green VisiFlo color-code, fits with Albuz caps or equivalent, 60-300 PSI recommended pressure range, made from ceramic with removable pre-orifice, produces extremely coarse to fine size droplets, 80° spray angle, & 0.181-0.401 GPM capacity range per nozzle.

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