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Chemical Containers, Inc. Is proud to offer you a customizable selection of corrugated bolted steel storage tanks. If you’re in the Eastern United States and are looking to have a reliable, affordable, long-lasting galvanized steel storage container designed and built for you, contact our consultation team for a quote.

About Our Steel Water Tanks

The standard metal used to build these tanks is G115 galvanized steel which is typically 27% higher in its zinc content then the industry standard G90 galvanized steel. This gives the tanks additional fortification and long-lasting capacity. G140 galvanized steel tank options are also available if you need even more durable protection against high salt or other corroding surroundings. If you have other special structural needs, such as ensuring the tank can withstand Zone 4 seismic activity, hurricane wind speeds of 165 MPH or heavy snow loads of 50 pounds per square foot, we can customize your design to fit that as well.

Along with the high quality of the steel used in building the outside of the tanks, one of the other main benefits from these containers is the variety of liners available. Depending on what you need the tank to hold, we offer NSF61 certified materials for lining that fits potable water uses along with EPA-approved liners that meet waste water containment requirements and non-certified liners that best meet the needs of irrigation and raw water uses.

Custom Built to Your Water Storage Needs

These water storage tanks are built to your specifications at our manufacturing facility in Lake Wales, FL with a holding capacity that ranges from 500 to 1,500,000 gallons. Please note, if you need a tank that holds more than 5,000 gallons, we will need to engineer a specific design that best fits your needs as part of the consultation process. You can also include a steel bottom as part of your tank design, it just requires the inclusion of a gravel pad and concrete ring for anchoring.

Each tank is fully lined with reinforced poly materials (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, XR-3 and XR-5 Polyester) that gives them a lot of flexibility in the type of water they can hold, from brine to storm water to potable water and more. If you need a specialty or custom liner, make sure to let us know during your design consultation so we can help meet your goals.

While they are primarily used to hold water for fire suppression and agricultural irrigation, other uses depending on the liner chosen for these metal storage tanks include rain harvesting, waste water storage, and secondary water containment. One of the advantages of using a galvanized tank to store water is they’re naturally longer lasting than other commonly used materials like concrete. They’re also more reliable with preventing leakage that can come up with carbon steel bolted and glass-filled tanks.

These corrugated bolted steel tanks can be painted with a powder coating that gives you the choice of a variety of colors in addition to having the option of having them hand painted including with your company logo.

Other customization options include various fittings, accessories and tank body styles that allow for the best fit for your usage needs in your location. Fixtures like ladders, safety platforms, liquid level indicators, interior ladders, vents, and other fittings are available to create exactly the kind of tank you’re looking for.

Built with Storage Regulation Requirements in Mind

When you talk to one of our custom tank design experts, you’ll get the advantage of critical insight into regulation requirements that are specific to your area and how you’ll be using the tank so you can avoid issues down the road that could come up if non-compliant.

For example, if you need a storage tank in a hurricane zone like Florida, a raftered roof is required. We make sure you’re aware of such needs in your area when they apply, to not only help protect your tank from the elements but also ensure everything is in code.

Other code standards these tanks are designed to comply with include NFPA22 and NSF61 so they are automatically protected from fire damage and meet the stringent requirements of proper water treatment.

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