Fiberglass Enclosure 6" x 4"

HW Hinged, 2 Cover Screw Configuration


  • Material: Hot Compressed molded fiberglass reinforced polyester
  • Gasket: Poured polyurethane seamless gasket provides watertight, dust-tight environmental seal
  • Pan Head Screws: Minimized protruding surfaces
  • Stainless Steel Hardware: 300 Series stainless used on all hardware
  • Molded in Mounting Flange: Molded in flange for ease of mounting
  • Mounting Bosses: Panel mounting capability for fixed rear panel
  • Metal Inserts: Back panel utilizes threaded brass insert accepting 10-32 screws
  • Soft Edge Design: Rounded edges, minimal protrusions or exposed pocket areas for assembly of dust and debris
  • Color: Available Standard in Glacier Grey or White