Gandy 62 Series Box, Zero-Max Control, Speed Compensating

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Zer-Max infinite rate control, internal sieve screen, cover, individual metering wheels for each opening, cleanout clutch, sight windows, lid closures for each opening, blower driven by 3-port 8-GPM hydraulic motor using tractor hydraulic system to produce 8-20 oz of air pressure depending on recommendation for metered material, with needle valve in line to regulate hydraulic hose supplied for input and outlet ports (user to supply hose couplers). Shaft monitor to indicate wheels are turning and to warn of loss of air pressure; single clutch unless otherwise needed. Mixing chamber requiring 1" ID tubing unless otherwise noted. Operator's manual and rate chart are included in holder packed inside hopper.


  • Orbit metering wheel system provides speed compensated rates when ground driven
  • Last two digits of model number indicate the number of outlets: 6210 has 10 outlets
  • 506 pounds shipping weight
  • 10 cubic feet
  • Split Shaft
  • Two Clutches

Additional Information:

Individual metering wheels feed material from the hopper into individual mixing chambers, where the air stream moves it through hoses to all delivery attachments. The rotating speed of the metering wheels determines the application rate. Depending on the type of metering wheels you select, the Orbit-Air delivers 2 to 300 pounds per acre in swaths up to 60 feet wide. Orbit-Air uses material more efficiently. With no waste. Or uncontainable spills.

Orbit-Air mounts directly to field cultivators, chisel plows, planters, row cultivators, trailers, high-clearance units, or other delivery systems. You squeeze more jobs into your hectic production schedule. Orbit-Air cuts trips over the fields. Reduces compaction, and when mounted on a secondary tillage tool, it lets you apply material on fields that are often too wet for other equipment to enter.

  • BAND - Orbit-Air enables you to economically band or broadcast standard-grade dry materials, including some impregnated fertilizers. At specified rates. Over uneven terrain in all kinds of weather.
  • APPLY - Orbit-Air lets you effectively apply materials across the full tillage width. Now you can inexpensively place materials on target with the same accuracy as big custom pneumatic floaters costing thousands of dollars more.
  • METER - Orbit-Air handles most types of seed, at cover or cash crop rates. In any row width or broadcast.