Hypro 2230A-AP Powerline Plus Duplex Plunger Pump

The PowerLine Plus, duplex plunger pumps, Contains Aluminum heads, and achieves 3.0 gpm (11.4 lpm) and 2000 psi (138 bar).

Performance Information

  • Max. flow:3.0 gpm/11.4 lpm
  • Max. pressure: 1000 psi/69 bar
  • Max. rated speed: 1725 rpm
  • Max. fluid temperature: 160F/71C

Other Attributes

  • Port sizes: 1/2" inlet, 3/8" outlet
  • Shaft: 5/8" ID hollow shaft with NEMA 56C Flange, for direct coupling to electric motors.
  • Head material: Aluminum head
  • Plunger rods: Hardened stainless steel lower-plungers offer superior corrosion and wear resistance
  • Plunger rod guides: Aluminum alloy piston guides give you larger bearing surface for extended life on oil seals and plungers
  • Valves: Precision-machined, stainless steel valve and seats provide higher resistance to chemical attack
  • Ball bearings: Longer lasting drive system with heavy duty ball bearings
  • Plunger material: Ceramic
  • Seals: Heavy-duty oil seals
  • Bases: Standard; C3 retrofit bases match Cat 310 and 5CP base footprints
  • Servicing: Hypro's state-of-the-art, patented cartridge technology allows easy servicing of crankcase oil and all wet-end seals - remove only the pump head
  • Weight: 14 lbs./6.4 kg