11 Pin 10-Function Time Delay Relay 120V AC

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Product Details:

  • Time Delay Relay With Programmable 10-Function Capability.
  • Made by DAYTON.
  • Part # 6A855.
  • 120V AC.
  • Program Any Time Delay From 0.05 Seconds to 999 Hours.
  • Pushbutton Thumbwheel is Used to Choose From the 10 Built-In Functions Along With 7 Built-In Time Ranges And Digitally Set the Time Delay Needed.
  • Functions Include Triggered On Delay, Single Shot Falling Edge, On/Off Delay, Watchdog, On Delay, Off Delay, Interval On, Single Shot, Flasher (ON First), And Flasher (OFF First).
  • Timing Mode And Time-Out Are Indicated With an LED.
  • 10A @ 240V AC Contact Rating - Relay.
  • 10A @ 30V DC Contact Rating - Relay.
  • Plug-In Mounting for the Relay.
  • DPDT Relay Contact Form.
  • 3.0 VA Relay Power Use.
  • Silver Nickel Contact Material.
  • Socket Electrical Connection.