Z-Spray Lawn & Tree Care Spray Truck | z200 Series

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Out Of Stock (Please Note, Prices May Vary if Purchased in Store) Out Of Stock (Please Note, Prices May Vary if Purchased in Store)

This vehicle is custom designed to be a one-stop truck for professional lawn, tree care, and landscape maintenance. Made to transport your Z-Sprayer without the need for a trailer. Just pull up to customer’s residence and apply dry fertilizer and liquid applications with one vehicle. It conveniently allows you to take care of a lawn and shrubs without the need for trailers or follow-up trucks.

The fully enclosed body includes a ramp that folds up and stores inside the door. This helps keep the aesthetics clean on the outside of the truck for custom decals and wraps. It also has storage for a pallet of fertilizer and a multi-tank application system.

Custom pumps, motors and tanks are available as well, just let us know what you need when you request a quote and we’ll modify it to meet your needs.

Click on the images to see examples of these kind of spray trucks we’ve created for other customers, to give you an idea of what’s possible for us to design and build for you. The concept and spec drawings show what you can expect from our professional design services that are included with each custom build project.