Blueberry Herbicider Equipment

The Blueberry Herbiciders that are custom built by Chemical Containers are available in various layouts that can be modified to meet your needs.

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Below are a few examples of the different types of blueberry herbiciders we've built for customers to help give you an idea what we can customize for you.

CCI Double Sided Blueberry Herbicide Machine

Standard Features Include:
- 250 Gallon Slim Line/Space Saver Tank
- H9006C PTO Driven Pump

CCI Front Mount Quick Detach Double Sided Blueberry Herbicide Boom

Standard Features Include:
- Quick Detachment For Kubota Tractor Front End Loader, Two 18” Hydraulic Extension Cylinders-Tractor Remotes
- Two 2’ Aluminum Shielded Covers With Bristle Style Drift Curtain (Outside End Angle Adjustment With Pins)
- 12-Volt Arag Valve To Existing Supply 3-Point Unit For On/Off Liquid Control
- Add Switch To Existing Switch Box
- Plumb Into Customer’s 3-Point Sprayer Installation

CCI Single Side Front Mount Blueberry Herbicider

Standard Features Include:
- CCI Aluminum Blueberry Herbicider Boom Cover With 21” Drift Curtain/Brissels
- Dual Nozzles
- Front Mount Reese Hitch
- Manual In/Out Herbicide Boom Cover Adjustor
- Manual Height Adjustor
- All Installed To Customer UTV Mule

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