CCI Custom Enclosed Watering Truck

Find out what makes this custom designed and built watering truck from CCI unique in this spotlight video.

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This specialty truck includes the following design features:

Built to custom specifications, this type of truck is available with multiple tank size and spray swath options. Designed for watering as part of roadside and right-of-way maintenance, it features dual section front-mounted sprayheads and an electronic valve manifold for front spray heads. All spray and operation components are accessible from the ground with height actuation controlled from the cab. The hard-mounted pressure washer inside the truck body has an electric start Honda engine coupled with a powerful Hypro cast iron centrifugal pump. Also included are dual electric hose reels with adjustable spray guns. A protective panel was installed to prevent damage to the truck body while using the watering equipment.

A custom breaker box was created in our electrical department and includes hose reel rewind buttons and accessory switches for the lights and supply pump. An in-cab control unit was also created by our team of electrical technicians to provide full access to the user of everything from the booms to spray pressure and clutch. The overhead fill with knife valve offers added convenience to the customer as part of the design. The rear shelf and gas can storage provide additional convenience to the user while in the field. A hand washing station with soap dispenser was added to the body of the truck. A rear-mounted LED arrow board and underdeck traffic cone carrier were installed to support additional safety while using the vehicle.

Below you'll find a variety of pictures of the inside and outside of this truck.

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