CCI Custom Citrus Herbicide Spreaders

Chemical Containers custom designs and builds Citrus Herbicide Spreaders.

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This system comes standard with the following features, which can be customized based on your project requirements:

Herbicide Unit

  • Hydraulics
    • Hydraulic vertical lift front mount.
    • Hydraulic breakdaway, tension, and return.
    • Hydraulic angle adjustment "fold".
    • Hydraulic boom extension.
    • Hydraulic boom "sweep".
    • Hydraulic chemical mower height adjustment.
  • Booms (Main Booms)
    • 19' tip to tip minimum with 3' hydraulic extension.
    • Single 3/4" stainless steel boom pipes.
    • TK 1.5 tips, and OC05 off center tips.
    • 12" centers.
    • 6' stainless steel Spraymaster covers.
      • Poly rollers.
      • Rubber belt spray curtain.
  • Boom (Chemical Mower Boom)
    • Steel boom with cover.
      • 6' center section, 16" hinged flip up wings on either end.
      • Rear of trailer with kick-up mount.
      • Rubber belt spray curtain.
    • Single 3/4" stainless steel boom pipe.
      • TT 110015 tips, and OC03's.
    • Hydraulic height adjustment.
    • CCI arm rest boom switchbox.
    • Liquid filled pressure gauges.

Standard CCI 500/200 Herbicide Trailer

  • Trailer
    • Heavy duty steel trailer with steps.
    • Single axle, 14L flotation tires.
    • Clevis hitch, jack, and safety chains.
  • Tanks
    • One 500 gallon elliptical tank and saddle.
      • Standard plumbing, trumpet agitation.
    • One 200 gallon applicator tank.
      • Standard plumbing and trumpet agitation.
    • CCI hand wash tank
      • 6 gallon size tank.

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