Custom 3-Point Canal Bank Sprayer

Chemical Containers custom builds 3-Point Canal Bank Sprayers like the example pictured here.

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The 3-Point Canal Bank Sprayer comes standard with the following features, which can be customized as needed:

  • Frame
    • Heavy duty 3-point painted steel frame.
    • 4 drop-down legs for parking the sprayer.
    • Steps and platform for top-loading tank.
  • Tank
    • 200 gallon applicator tank.
    • Hypro jet agitation.
  • Pump
    • Hypro D115 diaphragm pump.
      • Max PSI 290 / max GPM 28.
      • Attaches to tractor PTO.
  • Boom
    • 32’ truss style tri-fold booms.
      • 5 sections: 8’ center, 8’ main booms, and 4’ tips.
      • Hydraulic tilt on main boom, manual angle adjustment on tip.
    • Hydraulic height, fold, and tilt.
      • Uses 3 tractor remotes with 2 electric selector valves.
  • Plumbing
    • Quick jet 17560A-3/4-NYB, AI11004, 50 mesh screens, 20” centers.
    • 3 12-volt KZ on/off valves, 12-volt 3-way flow control valve.
    • Manual ball valves between main and tip sections used to turn off tip sections.
    • 2” remote fill on frame.
    • Bypass trumpet agitation.
  • Spray handgun
    • JD9 handgun with 25’ high pressure spray hose.
    • Hose rack on 3-point frame.
  • Electrical
    • In-cab switchbox for boom valves and hydraulic selectors.

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