Custom Rears Hoop Boom Assembly for Powerblast Sprayers

These custom designed and built Hoop Booms from Chemical Containers are made for Rears Sprayers. The boom assembly is mounted onto the hitch of a Rears sprayer, like the 1000 gallon Powerblast shown below, and bolts on for easy removal. You can also see in the demo video our optional CCI Eye System Crop Sensor.

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The Hoop Boom comes standard with the following features, which can be customized as needed:

  • Booms are plumbed for over-the-top spray application along with spraying on both sides.
  • Boom hoops are adjustable to center over various row widths.
  • Boom opening is 4’ high with a 3’-5’ adjustable width.
  • Hydraulic cylinders tip booms up along with folding booms back and away.

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