Custom Sod Sprayers

CCI creates custom Sod Sprayers that include a boom, automatic sprayer controller, tank, pump, and plumbing.

This testimonial video from Spur Land & Cattle gives you an in-depth view of how this type of sprayer works and how we can customize it for you.

Video Transcript:

Wyatt Carlton: Hi, my name is Wyatt Carlton and I'm a fifth generation cattle rancher with Spur Land and Cattle that is family owned and operated. Here I have behind me a 1,000 gallon, 50 foot pasture sprayer, built for us, specifically customized, by Chemical Containers. We had chosen Chemical Containers to build this sprayer we have here from previous equipment we have used from them in the past that has worked very well for our operation. So far i have about 4,000 acres sprayed with this machine just this year.

Sid Sutton: Hi I'm Sid Sutton with Chemical Containers. First off, I'd like to thank Wes and Wyatt Carlton for the recent purchase of a 1,000 gallon pasture sprayer. Wes and Wyatt contacted me about a year ago about customizing a sprayer for them. We went through countless phone calls and designs, back and forth, and finally came up with a heavy-duty trailer style. It's got a double swivel hitch on it that allows for uneven terrain, for the trailer to torque and turn and adjust with the terrain. Also we put shock absorbent booms on it for all the hog rooting and bull holes.

Wyatt: This sprayer is 50 foot wide which does make it a little bit tough getting around trees and fence lines and some ditch banks but with all the different controls and stuff that Chemical Containers has added on for us, it's actually very, very simple to use. On this machine we're set up with a 3-way nozzle selection and all 3 nozzles that I run depends on my speed or roughness of the pasture. Some of these pastures have our old tomato fields and stuff. You have lots of little swells, so you can't run as fast, or good south Florida hog rooting, it'll slow you down too.

The nozzles we run are an AITTJ60, ranging from a 002 up to a 004. I like these nozzles because they're air inducted twin fan jets and the nozzles really really help as far as coverage. With two different directions, it's actually spraying whenever you're going on top of smut grass and stuff that is very very hard to get even, adequate coverage. They really really help you get the coverage that you need to get the job done.

Sid: Another customized feature on this sprayer is the hydraulic system we put on it. We used a Fasse valve system, which allows us to have 5 functions while only using 1 remote. This in return allows the customer to easily operate the folding of the booms, the height, and the angle.

Wyatt: The electronics I have on this machine are the Matrix 840 for mapping and guidance, and for a rate controller I have a Radion. Also, with this machine, it is set up with section control, which is 5 individual sections on my 50 foot boom. This is very very helpful for you getting up to a fence line and you don't want to spray over the top of that fence line because it's a different variety of grass. If my mapping system has me riding right next to the fence, I can turn off those sections, or if I come over top of a place I've already sprayed, the section control will automatically turn off my sections one by one as I go over top of where I've already applied.

Sid: Other additions on this sprayer include shear bolt breakaway. The chicken wings on the end actually break away as well. We also have the Hypro Cleanout Bowl so the customer does not have to climb on top of his tank to mix his product.

Wyatt: The accuracy on this machine is actually pretty incredible with the rate controller and the section control. For instance, say I'm putting 30 gallons an acre out, so it should be 30 acres per tank on that sprayer. You can get as close as 29.8 to 30.2.1, it's just extremely close. It really helps save a lot of money. With some of the chemicals we spray, some could cost us from $15 an acre upwards of $70 to $75 an acre. In return, if you save $100 to $140 a tank, it's very very helpful in the long run.

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The example pictured here is a 50’ boom - 1,000 Gallon Sod Sprayer.

This sprayer comes standard with the following features, which will be customized based on your project requirements:

  • Heavy duty 6" channel frame.
  • Walking axles with (4) 14L x 16 implement tires.
  • 50’ heavy duty truss style boom.
  • Jack, safety chains, clevis hitch, and fill steps.
  • Hydraulics boom controls function with three tractor remotes.
  • Boom tips manually fold up and on top of main boom.
  • Automatic sprayer controller.
  • Dry boom with triple nozzle bodies.
  • 1,000 gallon poly elliptical tank.
  • Pump, plumbing, and trumpet agitation.
  • 6 gallon hand wash tank.

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