Chemical Containers offers custom Ditch Sprayer equipment focused on herbicide application.

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Below are a few examples of the different types of ditch bank herbiciders we've built for customers to help give you an idea what we can make for you.

CCI 200 Gallon Cane Row Ditch Herbicide Sprayer

Standard Features Include:
- 200 Gallon PCO Tank
- 11 X L15 Tires on 5’ Centers
- 25’ Suction Hose With Float
- Check Valve Strainer to Fill From Ditch
- 2” Hydraulic Center Pump to Fill Tank and Agitate
- Jug Storage for (4) 2.5 Gallon Jugs
- Decontamination Kit
- (2) 25’ Hoses With 23L Handguns on Rear
- 12V Pump Plate With Pressure Gauge, Filter, and Jack Stand

CCI 300 Gallon 3-Point Ditch Boom Sprayer

Standard Features Include:
- 300 Gallon Applicator Tank
- Hydraulic Fold 20’ Side Mount Boom With 22” Bristle Spray Shield
- 10’ Center Spray Boom With Belting Style Shield
- 20” Nozzle Spacing
- Banjo 2” Poly Pump With Hydraulic Drive for Ditch Fill
- H9096C PTO Pump for Spray
- 2 1/2 Gallon Chemical Storage
- 43H Spray Gun With 25’ Hose

CCI 300 Gallon Shielded Herbicide Ditch Boom Sprayer

Standard Features Include:
- 300 Gallon Applicator Tank With Jet Agitation, Heavy Duty 3-Point Hitch Carrier Frame
- (1) 6' & (1) 10' Aluminum Shielded Herbicide Boom Covers With Stainless Wet Lines
- Air Induction Flat Spray Nozzles 22” Long Drift Control Fringe
- 10' Right Hand Side Boom Mount With Hydraulic Vertical Fold & Breakaway
- 12 Volt Liquid Control Valves (Center & Right) H9006C PTO Pump
- Banjo 2” Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump With Hydraulic Motor (To Fill From Ditch)
- 20' 2” Suction Hose With Strainer Basket & Float Mounted On Wrap
- Tank Drain & Line Strainer

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