Salford Endurance Compost Spreaders

Chemical Containers offers Salford's Endurance Compost Spreader, available in pull-type, mechanical, and truck-mount versions.

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The Endurance spreaders are available in lengths that range from 10-26 feet and come standard with Salford's Binary Manifold, Task Command Electronic System, and Spinner System. Along with compost, this spreader can also handle litter, manure, shavings, beet lime, and other organic nutrients.

The pull-type compost spreader pictured here comes standard with the following features, which can be modified to fit your project needs:

  • Profile
    • 14' Long
    • 88” Wide
    • 320 Cubic Foot Struck
    • 51 ½” Hopper Height
    • 45 Degree Sloped Hopper Sides
    • Sloped Rear End Panel
    • Poly Bed Chain Floor (UHMW)
    • 10 Gauge Carbon Steel Body
  • 34” Extra Heavy Duty Conveyor Chain
    • 88,000 Pound Chain
    • Welded Bar Every Other Link
    • Hydraulic Driven With Twin Hydraulic Motors
  • 28” Twin Spinners
    • Replaceable Fins
    • Twin Hydraulic Motors
  • 9 Ton Torsion Flex Tandem Axle
    • 16.5 x 16.1 Flotation Tires
    • PTO Drive Twin Hydraulic Pumps
  • Self-contained Hydraulic System

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