Salford MagnaSpread Dry Fertilizer Spreader

Salford's MagnaSpread Fertilizer Spreader is the largest in their BBI series, designed for accurate soil nutrient application of dry fertilizers along with lime and urea.

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Features of the MagnaSpread:

  • Provides a consistent swath of 80 feet for fertilizer and 60 feet for lime application.
  • Spinner system can apply gypsum and micro-nutrients in addition to a variety of dry fertilizers and lime.

Customizable options:

  • Hopper available in the following lengths - 12', 14', 16', 18', and 20'.
  • MagnaSpread 120" WIDE floater mount.
  • Javelin spinners which provide 120' swath area for urea application.
  • Binary manifold hydraulics control system which can connect to all major precision agriculture technology brands.

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