CCI Custom 5-Row Crop Sprayer

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Chemical Containers designs and builds a 5-Row Crop Sprayer with a variety of customizable uses including nursery and row crop spraying.

This sprayer comes standard with the following features, which can be modified to fit your project needs:

  • (1) 10’ aluminum spray boom with (5) stainless steel drops on a swing mount, able to spray 5 rows of plant material.
  • Each drop has a ball valve, single brass swivel body and a ceramic, hollow cone disc and core nozzle at each outlet.
  • Nozzles on drops are oriented at 7”, 17”, 27”, 37” and 47”.
  • System pulled through plant material on (2) bicycle style wheels and (1) 360° rotating, castor style wheel.
  • Adjustable height and width on drops.
  • Adjustable tire width.