Rears Narrow 200 Gallon Pul-Blast Sprayer

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This is a 200 gallon narrow sprayer in Rears Manufacturing’s Pul-Blast series.

What's shown here is an example of what we have available in this line. It's customizable, just let us know at the time of your order what you would like modified.

Product Features:

  • 200 gallon stainless steel tank.
    • Stainless steel paddle agitation.
    • Wheel well.
    • Volume sight gauge.

  • 28” PTO-driven fan.

    • Centrifugal clutch.
    • Variable pitch blades.
    • 3-speed gearbox.
      • High, neutral, and low.
  • Hypro D50 diaphragm pump.
    • 14.8 GPM max at 540 RPM.
    • 580 PSI max at 540 RPM.

  • Telescoping axle.

    • Adjustable width.
    • Adjustable height.
    • 6-bolt hubs.
    • 11L-15 high flotation tire.

  • Rears 55 Series constant velocity hitch.

    • Greaseable carrier bearing.
    • Greaseable crosses.

  • Chem-Saver double rollover nozzle bodies.

    • 6 nozzles per side.
    • Ceramic nozzles.

  • Rears 12VDC control box.

    • Left and right on/off valve.

  • Dump valve.
  • Pressure adjustment.