Rears Pak-Flail Cane Shredder

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Out Of Stock (Please Note, Prices May Vary if Purchased in Store) Out Of Stock (Please Note, Prices May Vary if Purchased in Store)

This is a Pak-Flail design cane shredder from Rears. What's shown here is an example of what we have available in this line. It's customizable, just let us know at the time of your order what you would like modified.

Product Details:

  • Hydraulically driven feed roller moves plant matter into the flail housing.
  • Features heavy gauge mast components and housing.
  • Uses hard-faced Rears OM750 hammers where vines are cut and held in the housing area until reduced in size to pass through the screen.
  • Gauge wheels have an adjustable height.
  • Adjustable speed feed roller can also be reversed.
  • Feed roll has hydraulic motor chain drive.
  • Material sizing screen delivers uniform shred quality.
  • Standard overall width of 68”.
  • Standard swath 60”.
  • Provides maximum cutting coverage with less width used in vineyard and berry rows.
  • 3-point mounted unit.
  • Category 6 input driveline.


  • Replaceable rakes installed between feed roll teeth.
  • Inlet brush side guides.