Rears Pak-Flail Shredder | OMF 759 | 9' Swath | 3-Point Mount

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This is an OMF 759 Pak-Flail from Rears Manufacturing. This orchard shredder features a low-profile housing that works well under low tree skirting. Branches are swept away from the flail mouth by the housing, providing a low impact route under high density plantings.

A level running and clean cutting process is provided by the hammer assemblies included in each cutter drum. The frame has a multi-position rear deflector door to keep plant material in the cutting path longer.

With a belt tensioning system and labyrinth greasing system designed by Rears, the rotor and roller bearings are well protected while operating in dirty areas.

What's shown here is an example of what we have available in this line. It's customizable, just let us know at the time of your order what you would like modified.

Product Features:

  • 9’ cutting swath.
  • 123” overall width.
  • Low profile belt drive housing.
    • 4/5VX notched powerband belt.

  • 540 PTO driven.
    • 1:3.1 gearbox.
    • Rotor speed 2233 RPM @ 540 RPM.

  • Rotor construction.
    • 8 5/8” diameter mandrel.
    • .50” wall.

  • Rotor bearing.
    • 2.44” double spherical roller bearing.
    • Renewable grease labyrinth protection.

  • Housing
    • 3/8” plate inner housing.
    • 3/16” plate skin.
    • Floating rakes

  • 3-point lift.
    • Cat I and II.
    • Floating top link.

  • 0”-18” hydraulic offset.