REGAL Model 226 Gas Chlorinator Direct Cylinder Mount System

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Product Details:

  • REGAL parts for model 226 gas chlorinator direct cylinder mount system.
  • Automatic switch over design.

System Includes:

  • (2) Model A-826 Switchover Vacuum Regulators with 1/2" Vacuum Fittings.
  • (1) Model 7500-250 Remote Meter Panel with 1/2" Vacuum Fittings (For Wall Mounting).
  • (1) Model A-300V2 Pressure Relief (Vent) Valve with 1/2" Vent and Vacuum Fittings and Wall Mounting Bracket.
  • (1) Model A-922 Ejector Assembly including Nozzle, High Pressure Check Valve, Spray Diffuser and 1/2" Vacuum Fitting.
  • (1) (OPTIONAL: A-923 Low Pressure Ejector, A-950 Dual Check Valve Ejector).
  • 50' VT-2, 1/2" Vent and Vacuum Tubing.
  • (10) G-201 Lead Cylinder Gaskets.
  • (1) Z-296 Rate Valve Tool.
  • (1) Z-297 Vent Line Bug Screen.