Custom Roadside Spray Trucks | Single & Dual Long Reach Boom Options

Long reach booms on roadside spray trucks are growing in popularity, for understandable reasons. These sprayers allow for controlled application of herbicides at an extended range of 50’ or more, as part of roadside vegetation management services.

Click on the images to the left to see an example of this type of roadside spray truck.

CCI has the capacity to custom build these specialty sprayer vehicles with either single or double long reach booms mounted on the deck.

Choose from either a regular spray truck without a long reach boom, single or double boom options below when requesting a quote.

Other features of these chassis-mounted roadside sprayers include:

  • Wireless remote-control system for the long reach boom, with cab control center, mechanical control console, and chemical injection computer with ground speed control.
  • Baffled black polyethylene elliptical leg water tank with vented lid.
  • Chemical injection via (3) chemical tanks including mechanical agitation and closed loop loading.
  • Clean water tank for handwash and rinsing the system after use.
  • Hose reel and hand gun.
  • 19’ swiveling and folding hydraulic boom system with actuated tilting dual section spray head.
  • Twin roadside spray heads with boomless spray tips and actuated tilt.
  • Lamp arrow board for traffic direction assistance, mounted on the rear of the bed.
  • High intensity strobe lights mounted on front and rear of the vehicle for safety.

The features and images you see here are just a sample of what we can design and create, from the ground up, to meet your project needs. When you contact us for a quote, let us know any specific project requests you have so we can give you the best consultation.

Option Unit Purchase
Roadside Spray Truck - No Long Reach Boom
Dual Long Reach Boom