Frame Mounted Dura-ABS™ Auto-Batch Tank Pumping System

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Product Details:

  • Features aluminum vertical frame mount with legs.
  • Includes 15’ 1”discharge hose with quick coupling fitting for educator bowl adapter.
  • High-flow pumping system from Dura Products.
  • Includes Viton seals.
  • Available in either 12 volt or 110 volt versions.

Note: When requesting a quote, let us know if you'd like the 12v or 110v option.

Dura-ABS™ System Kit Includes:

  • (1) Dura-Pump
  • (2) 1” Hose Barb
  • (1) 1”x5’ Suction Hose
  • (4) 1” Hose Clamps
  • (2) 90 Degree Hose Barb
  • (1) 2” Female Cam Lock
  • (1) 2”x1” Bushing
  • (1) 1”x12” Discharge Hose
  • (1) Ball Valve Nozzle
  • (1) Caddy
  • (3) Pins
  • (2) 1” Nipple
  • (1) 1” Check Valve
  • (1) Dura Auto Batch Meter

Note: See "Documents" Tab in this product description for a pdf assembly guide for this system.

Product Features:

  • System interface lets you select either manual or automatic operation by flipping a switch
  • High-flow pump delivers up to 15GPM flow rate
  • Designed for repeatable batching by returning to the last volume amount dispensed
  • Comes with Dura-Meter™ flow meter made with impact resistant Lexan™ faceplate
  • Units measured include gallons, liters, and ounces
  • Calibration options include Preset, Quick List or Manual
  • Mounting range options of fixed and in-line
  • EPA compliant