Deice Granular Blower/Spreader Skid

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  • All stainless steel frame
  • Includes vibration kit and 12V Deep cycle battery with screened hopper
  • 11ft hose with Cordura cover for abrasion protection
  • Patented aluminum manifold delivery system
    • US Patent #'s: 6,883,736-7,080,961-7,137,579-7,337,992
  • Up to 250lb capacity polyethylene inductor hopper
  • 25ft throw distance
  • Flush mounted bulkhead drain
  • Fully enclosed material storage to prevent material from becoming wet
  • Up to 15lbs per minute fertilizer application rate *Rates will vary depending won which material being used
  • Fully adjustable valve for varied rate of material delivery
  • Lightweight system - approx. 85lbs
  • Vortex TR utilizes ON/OFF flow control at delivery hose end, giving the operator the ability to be up tpo 15' from actual unit
  • Non clogging delivery system
  • Extension tubes included for longer delivery pattern
  • Easy clean-up with liquid soap and water
  • Use Vortex TR in a utility vehicle or pickup truck
  • Will apply mini prill, standard prill and large pellets
  • Single person operation