John Blue Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump With Hydraulic Motor

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John Blue
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  • This is a 2" self-priming, hydraulic driven pump with a maximum capacity of 152 gpm.
  • At 25 psi, it has a capacity of 112 gpm, and a maximum pressure of 42 psi at shut-off.
  • The maximum speed is 3600 rpm.
  • Maximum power is 5 hp.
  • Includes a 2" FPT inlet and outlet.

This pump is made with a patented Vac-U-Seal impeller which makes a vacuum between the mechanical seal and impeller. It has a longer seal life with reduced wear on the seal because of the minimized pressure on the seal face.

A closed impeller design helps to boost the life of the drive motor because of the decreased thrust loading put on it. The life of the whole unit is strengthened and enhanced as a result of abrasion and corrosion on the extra thick cast walls.

Another main benefit of this pump is the wet seal design that makes it so it can be run dry for long periods of time without damaging the mechanical seal faces. This is because of the ongoing lubrication of the seal faces from the double wet seal, making this a versatile pump.